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Our Doctors of Physical Therapy will evaluate each patient to rule out medical complications while using manual special testing to diagnose injuries properly. 


We will design a personalized and unique rehabilitation program to properly address the injury based on Evidenced-Based Practice and Peer Reviewed articles. 


With early morning hours, lunch appointments, & after work times; busy patients can squeeze in their PT at any time of day. We offer many services including Dry Needling, Cupping, Soft Tissue Massage, and Manual Stretching at no extra charge.

Physcial Therapy

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy is a treatment applied to pelvic floor muscles. Are you a new mom or expecting? Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy can help you!


Are you experiencing:

-Leakage with coughing/sneezing/laughing?

-Leakage with sudden urge to urinate?

-Increase frequency of urination?


-Trouble initiating stream of urine?

-Any type of pelvic pain?

We offer internal AND external exams in a private setting in our Stoneham office.

With A Licensed Massage Therapist

Want a longer massage than you get at PT? Relax and unwind in our brand new private zen massage therapy room. We offer 60 minute, 90 Minute, and 120 Minute massages.

Techniques offered include:

- Swedish Massage

- Deep Tissue Massage

- Therapeutic Massage

- Prenatal Massage

Call our office now to book your massage today!


Pelvic Floor Therapy
Telehealth Physcial Therapy
We come to you! (Self Pay Only)

Working one-on-one with patients and clients to design and implement a proper rehabilitation or strength & conditioning program for each individual’s level of exercise.

We can conveniently come to your home or office for your PT sessions.

Due to this convenience, Health Insurance not accepted.

In Home Concirge

Working one-on-one with clients to design and implement a proper running program for each individual’s level of exercise. 


Our knowledge of physical therapy and sports injuries allows us to specialize in working with clients with previous injuries that strive to return to running and minimize the potential for further injury.

Personal Training

We offer 30-minute stretching & recovery sessions for all clients that want to enhance their performance and increase their flexibility. Sessions are 30 minutes of hands-on manual therapy 1-on-1 with a therapist. Includes hands-on treatments: massage, stretching, cupping, dry needling, and ia-stm. 

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We are certified in dry needling & cupping therapies. These are included with no extra cost with health insurance in your PT sessions. These can also be booked self-pay separately for 30 minute private sessions 1:1 with a therapist. Dry needling creates a healing response to chronic and old injuries. Cupping helps pull the by-product out of the muscles and tissues to help for faster muscle repair & recovery. 

We have Weekly Classes at $18/class.

Private Sessions: Working one-on-one with clients to deepen their Yoga or Pilates practice by breaking down each pose to increase their yogic knowledge. Based on their level of exercise, we will work with clients to increase strength, flexibility, and emotional awareness. Our knowledge of physical therapy and sports injuries allows us to specialize in working with clients with previous injuries that strive to learn yoga, return to their practice, or minimize the potential for injury. 

We also offer Corporate Wellness Programs. These are Yoga & Pilates Classes at your workplace during the workday or after work. Ask your CEO or Manager if the company will hire us to come in for Yoga or Pilates class 1x/week. You can take a class with your co-workers to increase employee satisfaction, boost office morale, and create an enjoyable workplace. 

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